Bacon Salt

Violet gave me Bacon Salt. A three-pack sampler, to be specific. Because sometimes, that’s just what friends do.

Of course, the fact that it has zero calories, is vegetarian, and is kosher-certified tickles me to no end. Will Chaya be getting some for Christmas? She just might…

I’ve tasted all three flavours directly (not on food), and it’s good stuff. The Hickory is my favourite. I tried the Peppered this morning on eggs. I was very careful with the shaking, since it IS salt, and could pretty quickly overwhelm things. It was good. It didn’t make them taste overwhelmingly like bacon, but there was a certain extra dimension of flavour added to the food. And the aftertaste was very much bacon & eggs.

I don’t use a lot of salt or seasoning salt in cooking, however, Sherry mentioned trying it on popcorn (if I do she has to try some, too), and I’ll need to try it on potatoes (either fries or oven roasted). I suspect it would also be excellent in the sort of hash Mom used to make some times that had shredded cooked potatoes, egg, and bacon (I think) fried into pancake-like formations. Sorta latke-esque, except for the bacon part.

I will also have to share the stuff. Because — really — BACON salt. My brother and Andrew are good folks, and really should be exposed to such a culinary experience.

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