Comments make the world go round. And give you shiny hair. And turn the internet into people.

Explanation here.

Soooo… comment! Say hi! Teach me something new! Celebrate our love!

(Thanks to the lovely and commentable Ms. Violet for reminding me of this auspicious day.

6 Comments on The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

  1. Hi there Melle! You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. I don’t remember how I originally came across your blog (probably the Waterloo-Wellington Bloggers Association), but I liked your writing style, and kept reading. We now return to our regularly scheduled lurking.

  2. Hello Melle! I read your blog because I enjoy your wit, and also because I envy your canadian-ness. Canadians are de smexy 🙂 Thanks for the blogs!

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