So we didn’t so much have a traditional Thanksgiving this year. First Mom and Dad were still going to be away on vacation, then I wasn’t going to come up til tomorrow, then my brother and Patience and the baby didn’t end up coming today (Mom was rather disappointed; she’s all about the baby time). But we had a beer and a cigar and a bonfire and a tasty meal, and I dropped off leftovers at my brother’s place. Could have done without the drive home in heavy fog, though.

Anyway, photos of things ’round the ol’ homestead.

This is where Dad likes to watch tv and read newspapers, as you can see. Today we were watching NASCAR. You see, Dad doesn’t really do furniture. But he’s getting older now, and so apparently sitting on what I maintain is a DOG BED is acceptable.

Dad's newspaper-reading and tv-watching station

This is the view across the road from my parents’ driveway. It does not suck. It’s weird, you can’t even tell anymore where the railway tracks used to cut into the bush.

fall colours

Neighbour Lorne’s farm.

Lorne's farm

I dunno what this tree eats, but every fall it goes all out to be the belle of the ball. With the sun on the leaves it’s a stunner.

bright maple

maple leaves in front of cedars

More of the view across the road, with the slightly worse for wear road sign advertising the upcoming curve off of which people slide off every winter. (Good thing Lorne has a big tractor and chains…)

fall colours and road sign

This is Dad giving Jessie, Lorne’s ugly-yet-friendly dog, a scritch on the ‘tocks. Jessie looks much smaller here than she is (about 100lbs). I met Jessie eight years ago this weekend. She was eight weeks old and the cutest little furball. Lorne had just gotten her that weekend after Ralph (aged 17.5) had finally died. Her fur was even more patchwork-y than now, and she looked like someone sewed her together from scraps.

And eight weeks later and I was on a plane to Australia.

Dad scritching Jessie

This is Dad with two of his tomato plants. I believe I have mentioned the tomatoes… As you may know, tomatoes are not meant to grow 15 feet tall. However, it gives my father great pleasure to see them do so. And next year he is going to put a plant directly under the highest point of the garage and grow it right up (a third again as tall as that tallest one shown). Why? Why not.

That said, they are really nice tomatoes. And will be ripening until, oh… January…

Dad and tomato plants

How do you keep 10-foot-tall tomato plants from falling over? With logs, bungie cords, and binder twine, of course. We were joking about putting lag bolts into the brick for next year, much to Mom’s lack of amusement. 🙂

tomato plant anchored with bungies and twine

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