There are a few reasons Sherry and I are friends, but the most important, as in evidence on evenings like tonight, is the fact that she needs me for her extreme budget fashion needs.

Whether’s it’s a body rawking $22 Winners party dress or the epic $29 creation I stumbled upon tonight (hidden among the sequined lime green gowns with tiered ruffled skirts, and making them look positively drab), when Sherry wants to look good… she can take care of herself.

But when she needs to look pyrgoogly, that’s where I come in…

PS. No, there will be no photos until after Kate and Rose’s wedding. But then… oooooh then…

2 Replies to “Sssssssassy!”

  1. What, no description of your own stunning (literally or figuratively [or both]) outfit? As the Other MOB, I know you must be planning something… suitable…

  2. I am pleased to note that you passed on the lime green sequin gowns .. if only for the fact that it would be embarrassing to be wearing the same thing as the bride. Or one of us anyway 🙂

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