Serious Face

This is Serious Face.

Cadence making her serious face before pooping

Being six weeks old is very serious business.

Especially when you are wearing yellow monkey sleepers (thanks, aunt Melle).

And concentrating.

Very hard.

On a giant poop that aunt Melle would have sworn would have blown a hole clear through Daddy’s khakis… 🙂

In facial development news, Ms. Cadence would appear to have Mommy’s nose, and to be working on having green eyes and red hair. Daddy’s eyes are greenish now, but were bright blue at her age (Mommy’s are brown). And aside from Daddy having a reddish beard (when he grows it), there’s no red hair on either side of the family, to their knowledge. Cuz, given her lineage, like she’s gonna need encouragement to have a temper… 🙂