Proactive crazy

Today sucked large. I woke up nestled within the bosom of the mother load of floating rage. And as I suspect pretty much any woman can tell you, there ain’t much hope for a day that starts like that. Andrew, to his credit, deserves a gold star and a kitten for trying to help.

I proceeded to spend an entire day accomplishing nothing. Don’t you love those days? The morning was spent asking questions and looking for answers from people who were not available to respond. The afternoon was spent trying to figure out why something perfectly routine refused to work.

There was some respite over lunch, when I met up with an ex-co-worker and offered what assistance I could in his job search. (Something I know a fair bit about still…)

The stuff that refused to work eventually self-corrected, like black magic, at 4pm, right when I’d had quite enough and gave up. The afternoon also brought a number of questions about how I was going to manage this or that, or what I was going to do about the other. The answer to every single one of those inquiries was, “I don’t know”. Ahh yes, now we begin to see what I boss neglected to cover before she left.

And I found out I’m working on Hallowe’en night. Yeefuckinghah.

After work, on my walk back from the library, dusk was coming on, and the moon in front of me looked really nice and big and round. So when I got home, I checked if it was a full moon. Yup. Not just any full moon. The mooniest moon of the year.

Hmm… does that explain why I woke up snarly, or does it mean tonight’s going to be even worse? 🙂

This evening has been a bit better. New pictures of my niece to peruse. A walk in the crisp evening air, with interesting clouds to observe and classic rock on ye olde iPod. And a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that, for once, I don’t have to give to anyone if I don’t want to. (I will, last thing I need is to stuff several dozen cookies down my gullet.)

One thing’s for sure, rage is fucking exhausting. And I already know that tomorrow is going to be a very, very long day. Wish me luck.

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