Yesterday after I left work and was on my way to the parking lot, a wee Pomeranian appeared from around a tree a ways up in front of me, and started trotting down the sidewalk towards me. Seeing a small, loose dog (even on a fairly non-busy street), was a bit of a concern, so I crouched down and clapped, which, for a friendly dog, is like the best welcome ever.

So the wee dude cranked it up and started running full tilt towards me. And I’d noticed a white car sitting parked up the street, but hadn’t thought anything of it, since there were a handful of other cars parked along the street, too.

When the dog got to where I was, he started bouncing around and trying to lick me and such, and at that point the white car drove forward and stopped beside me, window rolled down. I picked up the dog, and asked the woman driving if he was hers, since I figured he’d gotten out and she was out trying to hunt him down while he had suburban adventures.

She said he was, but that I could just leave him — “I’m letting him walk”. Huh?

So I put the dog down and scritched him a bit and he licked my chin, clearly in no hurry to go anywhere. So I joked that he was really vicious, and she smiled and said that yeah, he was a real killer. And then I stepped over the dog, who proceeded away at a trot down the sidewalk, and she drove off slowly behind him.

Okay, so… I can’t figure out if this woman was more dumb or lazy, because, honestly… who “walks” their dog by DRIVING behind a loose dog in the city? Oh, and did I mention the hand that wasn’t on the wheel held a cigarette?

If he decided to take off, you can’t follow him across lawns or into a backyard. If he happens upon another loose dog, one not so friendly as he is, you can’t save him (brake, put car in park, remove seat belt, open door, close door, run towards dogs…) before his 5lb ass is ripped to shreds. And if he bolts and heads towards a busy, multi-lane street (a block away), you’re not going to be able to catch him before he is flattened by rush hour traffic.

Sooo, okay, perhaps she has some disability that gives her limited mobility. However, a) smoking! and b) the street we were on happens to be in a neighbourhood that houses a lot of elderly people. I’ve seen people out for walks with canes, walkers, and other mobility enhancing equipment, not infrequently with small dogs, and all of them decades older than this woman. And yet? Buick not required.


Usually, based on experience, I can’t stand Pomeranians, but in this case, with such an idiotic owner, his fine disposition was even more anomalous.

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