A new record!

4 minutes, 12 seconds.

That’s how long it took me to bleed out my bi-monthly pint at Canadian Blood Services today. For some context, I believe my usual time is in the neighbourhood of seven minutes, which is considered extremely fast.

The secret is apparently hot and squishy. They had a few gel packs, which were wrapped in little flannel pouches and warmed in the microwave, so they were fun to squeeze. Really they’re for people who have trouble with the bleeding, but there were plenty to go around, so go me!

Either that or the nurse accidentally tapped an artery. 🙂 She was pretty concerned about me, though. She asked repeatedly if I was okay, then warned me not to use my “fast-bleeding arm” tonight. Seriously, lady, I’m fine. I’ve got veins like the Chunnel.

And to any vampires who read this blog: DON’T GET ANY IDEAS.

2 Replies to “A new record!”

  1. But I vant to suck your bloooooooood!!! Dammit.

    If I can’t consume your life force, I will instead tell you that I squealed with delight when I heard your voicemail! Can’t wait to meet you at the you-know-what!!

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