Day: October 27, 2007

Is this what they mean by “a handsome woman”?

I futzed a bit with the Face Transformer (link on the left side of the page). Most of the results weren’t anything spectacular (I suspect it has a lot to do with which photo you feed it).

Here are two pictures of me as a dude. The first is from a picture taken a couple summers ago, when I had short hair. The second is from this summer.

me as a dude

me as a dude

Can’t say as I’d get the tinglies if I saw dude me at the grocery store…

And now for a cleansing of the palate. Lucky me got to see this very expression this afternoon — smiles are a refreshing change from toothless hollering. (She had the same outfit on, too. One I bought.) The raspberries she blew at Mom were entertaining as well. 🙂

Cadence smiling

The kid’s mullet is definitely red, and she has quite clearly decided not to adopt any eye colour. They are not blue or brown or green or grey or hazel. Perhaps grownup colours other than pink or yellow will make them changeable.)

As a side note, apparently infantwear that fastens up-down only one leg is fashionable. This is stupid. Makes clothes considerably more difficult to remove at diaper-changing time, and requires the kid to end up rather more nekkid. Tearaways, people!

Are you a bad person if…

While still in bed, you hear an awful hacking and retching noise, but realize with considerable relief that it’s the upstairs neighbour (She Who Smokes) enjoying a morning bout of smoker’s cough, rather than the cat yakking up a hairball?