Day: October 21, 2007

Photo Phun

Andrew’s housemate Paula has a statistics class this term, and asked if she could borrow his calculator. Andrew being such a nice person, said that he would bring it home and she could see if she could make it work.

Why? Well, this is Andrew’s calculator:

HP calculator

HP calculator

Andrew, you see, has a physics degree. Paula? Not so much. I considered myself lucky to have been able to figure out how to turn it on, given that the manual is, apparently, an inch thick. Lordy. Andrew gleefully told me about the gazillion ports it has for obsolete inputs, too. How special.

At Home Depot yesterday, I saw this, which I’ve never seen before:

buggy at Home Depot with building materials strapped to the top

A horse and buggy at Home Depot is no big deal (as you’ll see), but I’ve never seen a dachwegley (Pennsylvania Deutsch term for that variety of enclosed wagon) with building materials strapped to the top before. Flatbed wagons? Sure. But this was so… Old Order suburban SUV. 🙂

For those who, in the past, have not believed me, enjoy:

horse and buggy parking at Home Depot

There’s one at Zehrs, another at TSC, etc.

This store is on King Street in uptown Waterloo. I’ve been aware of its existence, but never really stopped to read the signage until I was sitting outside of McPhail’s yesterday, waiting while Andrew test-drove a bike.

Different Strokes store

Yes, that would be a head shop AND sex shop, all in one. I was particularly tickled by the 10% discount on water pipes offered to university and college students. 🙂

I am now aware of three head shops in KW, two in Waterloo (the other is only a few blocks away from the one above), and one in Kitchener, which is very handy for explaining where Ye’s Sushi is. “You know where Shakedown Street — the head shop — is? It’s two doors down.” And they always know… I wonder how much business these shops all do?

Another spoonful of shame

While I am well aware that many pet owners also do dumb things around their pets, it is comfortingly to know that pastimes like composing and performing beagle songs are not unique to myself (and Andrew, though he’s sometimes a bit weak on the lyrics).

Crazy Singing Cat Lady — Be sure to read the comments. 🙂

Although, Anatole definitely doesn’t lend himself to song. Or nicknames, really, though sometimes he gets called “Kitty” (in the context of saying “Hello, Kitty” when I arrive home) or “Catbeast” like all other cats I meet. I suspect this also has something to do with me having grown up with dogs. I admit I still occasionally look at Anatole and wonder, “Where the hell did you come from?”

Coincidentally, his middle name is Moriarty.