Day: October 12, 2007

So normal is… what, exactly?

Ever since we crawled out of the mud and started hitting each other over the head with rocks, attraction has worked this way: I see you across the room. You see me. Something clicks. We approach. We talk. If there’s some kind of connection between our inner selves — even if it’s just a mutual desire to rub chocolate pudding over each other’s naughty bits — we get on with the business at hand. But the Internet has turned things upside down. Now, things work the other way around. Our inner selves meet and connect, and then we get to the raw, physical-attraction thing. And while it’s painful to learn that someone you find physically attractive doesn’t go for you, how much more painful to find that someone whose soul speaks to you across the series of tubes that make up the World Wide Web doesn’t go for your fat ass and spotty face.

The Life and Death of Jesse James

So here’s the thing. I started reading that story expecting to have my eyebrows raised, my ire roused, my sense of the twisted and the absurd impressed.

And it wasn’t.

I’ve heard variants of that story before. A few times. And it all seems to be kinda the same ol’, same ol’.

Which, when you think about it, it really fucking sad.


In various common areas around the office, there are notices up for the upcoming start of the company men’s rec basketball league. Sounds like it’s semi-competitive and fairly well organized.

For those interested in signing up, they are directed to email their details, and to include info like skill level, height, and whether or not they already have other potential team members they want to play with.

The height request made me grin. Let’s face it, men lie about height like women lie about weight. I suspect that there will be a disproportionate number of men who are 5’9″ and 6’1″. This is because, in my experience, any guy under 5’9″ claims that he is that height. Even if I can see the top of his head. (I’m not quite 5’4″.)

And any guy who’s at least 5’9″ but not quite in the 6′-plus club claims to be 6’1″, for some reason. I guess it’s slightly more impressive than 6′ even. (And we know how men sometimes have trouble with measuring accurately in inches… Ahem.)

On rare occasions you’ll find a guy claiming to be 6’1″ who’s actually taller, but it doesn’t happen often, and chances are, he doesn’t care. And then there’s my brother, who’s a hair under 6′, but is skinny, so people seem to think he’s huuuuuuge… Oh, and Andrew’s Mom, who is about the same height as Andrew and my brother, but who is so sweet and soft-spoken and whatnot that I didn’t notice she was an Amazon for, oh… a year.

I’d almost want to show up to the first practice and see these teams meeting each other. No two dudes will be the same height, and will probably come up to the kneecaps of the more hardcore competitive teams. 🙂