You’ll make someone a fine little wife some day…

I was flipping through my cookbooks, in search of a particular recipe, when I came across this one. (I have a number of cookbooks I haven’t really used much, which belonged to my Grandma.)

It’s from the year I was born, which, of course, piqued my interest.

Women's Institute cookbook cover, 1975

But it got even more delightful inside. At first glance I thought it rather odd that all the members of a Women’s Institute were men… but then I looked closer.

Women's Institute cookbook members page

Not men: wives. One so rarely sees this form of address anymore, but man, it’s no less teeth-grindingly obnoxious.

Hell, given the number of Mennonites in the group, I’m surprised they didn’t use their other favourite form of address, which is to bundle the whole family by the father’s first name, e.g. for my family, one would ask, “Are Murray’s coming to the potluck?”

Really makes me wonder, decrepit spinster that I am, how I’ve managed all these years, given that I’m not Mrs. Anybody, so clearly I don’t really exist…

And yes, it contains as many casserole recipes as you’d expect. 🙂

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  1. Scary! Reminds me of that scene from Something to Talk About when the Junior League or whatever is trying to get their annual cookbook together and an argument breaks out over whether to use married names again or not. Awesome.

    We’re the same age! Did we already know that?

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