I know several people, Sherry and Violet included, whose alarm clocks are set to uneven times, like 8:13am or 7:26am. I know other folks who, if, when setting their alarm clocks “miss” the time they were aiming for, just leave it wherever it stops, so they get up at 6:31am or nap til 5:17pm.

How awful.

I typically get up at 6:30am. My alarm clock is set for 6:30am. I nap til 5:00pm, or whatever time I need to get up. If I am setting the clock and “miss” the right time, yes, I will let it go around again and make sure I catch the zero at the end the next time. I ponder nap lengths in advance (if there’s a specific time I need to wake up by) in 15 minute increments. This is necessary.

If I woke up at 7:26am it would throw off my whole day. I’d feel… off-kilter. Late. Something. And I’d miss the radio station news blurb that happens at regular intervals, and might end up getting up with some god-awful power pop ballad stuck in my head. (Local station… leaves something to be desired…)

Which would be far more awful.

3 Comments on Waking up evenly.

  1. We’re “odd” in our household. Cat started it and now it is habit. I get up at 5:03 and he gets up at 6:01. I can’t explain it but to do anything else now seems weird.

  2. My alarm clock is an old fashioned one with hands so it’s not precise enough to be set to the minute. If it was it would still matter little since it tends to gain time and the time is a bit faster on it in the morning than when I went to bed. I reset it every few weeks when the difference between the time it states and the time it is is gets big enough to throw my morning schedule.
    Mind you none of the clocks in the flat are set to “real” time.

  3. I set my alarm to 6:05 a.m. But really it’s 5:53. I always set my alarm clock 12 minutes fast. I don’t know why…

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