crushed red crayon on asphalt

I’m sure there are fancy ways of fading out the asphalt and really accentuating the red crayon, but alas, I am not fancy.

vine on the wall across from the library

I love when the vines on this wall start turning in the fall. The wall will continue to get more interesting until mid-November.

close-up of vine on the wall across from the library

This would have been better a little earlier with the light slanting directly across it.


It begins…

tips of green vine leaves turning red

I love the brightness of the green and the subtle encroachment of the red, like the leaves have been dipped.

rusty railing

On the front of the bank at King and Erb.

poster for Chad Van Gaalen

This name cracked me up. Mental imagery of my brother pretending to be David Lee Roth… or something.

me reflected in the kiosk outside of Starbucks

The only truly effective way I’ve ever found of camouflaging my booty! 🙂

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