fall crocuses

Are these deeply confused crocuses, or something that looks similar? Or am I an ignorant rube and there actually are fall crocuses? Either way, I quite like the spring-like pastel purple and the fall earthy colours contrast.

construction crane

Not as clear as I’d like, but I liked the geometric aspect of it. And, really, I can pretty much go back and take another one any time I like. (This is the crane at the Bauer Lofts construction site.)

bright sumac leaves

Along the Ironhorse Trail, the sumac and the vines are much further along in turning.

graffiti along the Ironhorse Trail

This made me smile. I’m sure at a certain age, being together for 20 months is like a lifetime accomplishment. Then again, my parents have been married for 484 months. 🙂

sunlight on sumac leaves

Mmm… fall sunshine and turning leaves.

close-up of red vine leaf

There were a couple of small dead trees that were completely intertwined with vines. With the afternoon sun on them it was like the most gorgeous fire.

yellow mums and cornstalks

I do enjoy seeing pots of mums everywhere. Maybe it’s from growing up in the country, but using cornstalks as decoration has always amused me.

red door

I should have taken this picture when I passed the house as I was starting my walk, since the sun was on the porch and the red of the door contrasted better. Oh well. LOVE the door, and it’s absolutely perfect with the yellow brick.

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