Could someone kindly explain to me what it is the United Way ACTUALLY DOES?

Cuz, sweet fancy Moses on buttered toast, I was in Marketing during the dot-com, and even with synergy-leveraging experience, I’ve no idea what this is supposed to communicate:



To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities.


We will build a stronger America by mobilizing our communities to improve people’s lives.

To do this we will:

  • Energize and inspire people to make a difference
  • Craft human care agendas within and across our communities
  • Build coalitions around these agendas
  • Increase investments in these agendas by expanding and diversifying our own development efforts and supporting those of others
  • Measure, communicate, and learn from the impact of our efforts
  • Reflect the diversity of the communities we serve

(Ridiculousness courtesy of Rob, ex-co-worker and Work Husband Emeritus.)

1 Comment on Mobilizing… Energizing… Inspiring… Crafting…?

  1. The United Way sucks money from people on a near constant basis and appears to do nothing with it. I think they’re part of the Illuminati.

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