It remains a mystery…

Many moons ago, the lovely Violet (at least I am pretty sure it was her) and I spent a day in Toronto, accompanied by… someone else. Anyway, one of the purposes of the day was to do a tour of sex shops. Hell, why not? And so we did. I think we hit Lovecraft, Seduction, and Come As You Are. Might have taken a spin through the Condom Shack, too, come to think of it (I believe it was there I met the Fleshlight… — link really NSFW).

Anyway, at Seduction, I believe it was (the place had multiple levels), we came across these (that link also NSFW). And we couldn’t, for the life of us, figure out what the hell they were for. (I feel vindicated that the Nerd Approved folks apparently don’t know, either.) Of course, much hilarity ensued as we discussed it, particularly given that the staff at said emporium were… enthusiastic, to say the least.

And, needless to say, given that we were going to visit our dear friend Deb afterwards, we bought a set for her. If anyone would know what they were for, trust me, it was her.

Anyway, she found them as mystifyingly entertaining as we did, and, not surprisingly, they quickly found a new home: adorning her fridge.

Ahh, good memories…

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