First baby shower for Cadence was last Saturday. I had to leave early to go to Toronto, so I didn’t get to participate all that much (though I did get cake and rocked at the dice game). Last evening was the second shower (first one was Mom’s side of the family, last night was Dad’s). I helped host, along with Mom, though we had it at my aunt’s house because my parents live in the sticks and ain’t nobody drivin’ up there on a school night.

So anyway, some highlights…

Mom and Cadence

Mom, aka Grandma, and the guest of honour, who is asleep, as usual (when she’s in my presence, anyway). Mom hasn’t really taken to the baby much, poor mite…

Chad with bibs

My brother, aka Dad, punch in one hand, and a pair of pink and white bibs hanging from the other arm. “I love my Mommy” and “I love my Daddy”, respectively — my cousin had already given the “I love my Grandma” and “I love my Grandpa” bibs to Mom. Apparently no one loves aunts. Bastards.

Chad with baby toque

My brother’s ‘tocks (they barely qualify), with a pink and white baby toque tucked in the pocket. Hrm… pink and white… is that the Bloods or the Crips…?

In other news, my brother and Rick, my cousin’s significant other (and father of the other baby present), stayed up with the wimmin folk for the shower, and proceeded to rock the dice game most unmercifully, much to the outrage of many women present. It was quite entertaining. At the end of the shower, my brother noted that he’d never really known what we get up to at these things, and said he’d have to start coming more often, as he “quite likes these little parties”. The ladies laughed… they probably thought he was kidding…

Cadence asleep

The guest of honour. I wasn’t kidding about the sleep. Last evening’s attire brought to you by Winnie the Pooh. And I did ask my cousin if I could photograph her boob before I took the picture.

This particular cousin was heard complaining that all three of her kids were bigger at birth than Cadence is now. I pointed out that she and her husband are both giants, and she, as a baby, was spherically fat. Then she said that with the epidural she didn’t really care that much how big they were. Then my brother grinned and added, “Drugs are good…” Fortunately our mother was not within earshot.

Jenn and Jax and the surprised face

This is my cousin Jenn’s boob and her son Jax. Jax was born the same day as Cadence, just 13 hours earlier (same hospital). This is his surprised face. If his mom makes that face, so does he. I saw it probably a dozen times last evening, and it never stopped being funny. I have instructed Chad and Patience that Cadence must learn this immediately.


This was the last new baby, though she’s 11 months now. Despite the high-speed crawl she had going when I took the picture, she spent most of the evening cruising the living room furniture. Unbelievably friendly little pumpkinhead. (I mean that both as an endearment, and literally. She has a melon of exceptionally round dimensions.)

Hailey close-up

Relatives are for climbing and the invasion of personal space. Btw, my boobs? Apparently very stabilizing, given the death grip she had on them at one point.

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle cake from Nougat

Okay, I lied. The shower wasn’t really for the baby. It was an excuse to buy this: a chocolate hazelnut truffle cake from Nougat. Same cake as I got for my parents’ birthday party last fall. Best. Cake. EVAR. I would almost be willing to have a baby just to be able to order another one of these.

Alas, I didn’t even get to take any of the leftover cake home. Mom had a committee meeting of some kind at the house this afternoon, and asked if she could take it (and the cheese and crackers and such). I said it was cool, as did Patience. I mourn, alone.

So, yeah. The kid’s got plenty of books and clothes and baby accoutrements now, and I am SO DONE with family get togethers for a while. Well… til Thanksgiving, I guess…

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