For the last two weeks, frequently when I’ve been introduced to new folks at work, one of their first questions is some variant of “So where did you come from?”

Except what’s rather new for me is that, to a one, they all mean, “So which team/group/department did you move to this role from?” Such is the frequency with which people move around and are promoted internally. Coming from a company where most career paths were about one flagstone long and ended at brick walls (I worked with a girl who essentially ran the same reports for upwards of six years…), this is a big and fairly inspiring cultural shift for me.

What’s funny, though, is that they always realize, as an afterthought, that I might be truly new, and so they tack on an “Or what… company…?” However, when I mention I was at another insurance firm, I become almost internal, which gives me a bit more cred. 🙂

And this afternoon as we coffee’d, my friend Paul (who has been at the company for yonks), asked if I like it so far. And I could answer honestly that yes, I do. To be able to say this is a good, and long-time-coming thing for me.

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