People have been commenting on my voice all week. Y’see, I filled my antibiotics prescription right after I got it last Saturday, and by the next day, I was definitely on the mend. My tonsils didn’t hurt anymore; I was tired, but feeling recovery-tired, not getting sick tired, and all was well with the world, I thought. (Though it was interesting that my voice started to go after I started taking antibiotics…)

And so I finished the pills the other day (very short course), and continued to feel better, except my voice still sounds like a cross between Abe Simpson and some nicotine-cured bar cougar. Sexy! Not that unusual, though. When I get sick, my voice generally takes its sweet time to recover, and I have been doing a lot of talking since last Saturday.

Except that last night my right tonsil was getting a bit… twinge-y. And this morning it full-on hurts again. Left tonsil is fine. However, having inflammation again a couple days after finishing a course of antibiotics is a bit of a concern.

So this time I’m going to take a bit of a wait and see approach. Fortunately, the conditions of my summer to date end on Monday, so hopefully less stress, better eating patterns, etc. Not to mention lots of fluids, get more exercise, plenty of fruits and veggies, and (*gag*) Oil of Oregano. Take that, tonsils!

Last thing I want is to become one of those potential pandemic-carrying antibiotic-resistant bacteria-carrying folks they keep locked up in hospitals…

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