There it is.

I could smell fall last night and this morning. I’m okay with that.

First two days of work have been fine. Heavy on the administrivia, light on the work. That’ll change… My cube is luxuriously large, and I can adjust my desk height with a hand crank! And there’s a fairly excellent view just beyond my desk.

Had a moment of panic today when a co-worker asked me to write a test script. Umm. I can’t code. Fortunately, further discussion revealed that what she calls a script is what I would call a test doc/plan. Ahh, okay. That I can do. Now I just need to get over Lotus Notes calling every damned thing a database…

The co-workers are good folks so far, but it’s a big… what’s the opposite of a sausage party? Taco party? Anyway, lots of chicks. But that’s kind of okay, too, cuz they’re short. Now, keep in mind, I’m saying this and I’m not even 5’4″. I was wearing heels on my first day, and I TOWERED. It rawked. šŸ™‚ However, no work husbands to be found (got kinda spoiled on that front…), which could be vexing. And no Gmail or external IM.

No, don’t have the DTs… yet.

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  1. Hahahahahaaaaa! Taco party. Good times.

    Congrats on the new gig, by the way!! Such fantastic news!! I’m so behind . . .

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