The world smallens

Key learning: KW tech is the smallest world ever, though possibly rivaled in smallness by KW insurance.

I worked in tech and went to insurance, and have recently interviewed for several IT positions at insurance companies. (There were friends and/or ex-co-workers at all of them.)

This morning I interviewed with a woman who, it turns out, is the sister of one of the first managers I worked with at my last job. The interviewer is also the sister-in-law of one of the IT Directors at my last job (the one I didn’t report to). And the IT Director’s wife also works for the same company where I interviewed today. Additionally, the other manager I interviewed with this morning (the head dude), works regularly with my friend Paul (from high school), and Paul put in a good word for me with him.

And, of course, I have half a dozen other relatives and friends at the same company…

Apparently, I DO know everyone. 🙂

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