Cripes, it’s been a while since I’ve been down to Fairview mall. They changed a few things.


Seriously, do you know how discombobulating that is? I drive in and prepare to turn right into the main parking area, except… you can’t. There are curbs. Because now you navigate through and park the other way. Sheesh.

Gotta give them props for the work they’ve done inside, though. They’ve certainly classed up the joint. I’d actually eat in the food court now. Well… not eat, most of the vendors are the same… Maybe have an A&W Root Beer Float. Mmm…

The new crop of yuppie vendors amuses me as well. Presumably the result of hiked rents and some ‘spensive market/demographic research of the greater Kaydublian area.

Oh, and Dear Laura Second: quit making the mini French Mint chocolate bars smaller and more expensive, dammit. YES, WE NOTICE. AND SOMETIMES WE HAVE PMS. DO NOT TEST US…

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