shopping teams, nerd + non-nerd

(Comic from xkcd, of course.

Nerds, it would seem, come in all shapes and sizes. For example, my Dad can barely turn on the computer by himself. Andrew is a software developer.

Length of time taken by my Dad to buy a new chainsaw when he decided the three he already had weren’t cutting it (har har): six months.

Length of time taken by Andrew to decide whether or not to add a $5 service option to his cell phone plan: six months and counting.

And, for contrast…

Length of time it took Melle (with Sherry) to buy a car: one Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, my Mom is a switch-hitter and you never know if she will nicely offset my Dad, or if she will add her own nerd-o-riffic tendencies to the mix and make things SO MUCH WORSE. 🙂

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