In the words of the charming Erin Shea: all cheese is beautiful. Quite so.

In addition, apparently sheep are useful after all.

I have now tried several varieties of Monforte cheeses, and lo, they are, indeed, beautiful. I have tried two varieties of fresh cheese on artisanal bread, and this morning I picked up one of their hard cheeses — a sheep’s milk cheddar with sundried tomato and garlic, at the St. Jacobs Market. Hot damn, is that tasty stuff.

Next one: halloumi. Because man, do I loves me some of that, and there is nothing that slakes PMS better than warm, creamy, crisp, grilled, salty sheep’s cheese. *drool*

Of course, then there are the ones coated in herbs… and the one soaked in red wine… and… yeah. Just go. They sell in quite a few places, including Vincenzo’s in town (of course) and in the big, grey ark building at the St. Jacobs Market (not too far from the door on the outside vendor side, not the parking side).


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