Okay, perhaps not my most eloquent moment, but I was impressed…

May I present Cadence Michelle, born 11:26pm, 7lbs, 7oz, 6 days early. (My cousin had her baby this morning at the same hospital.) We’re not sure if my brother’s kidding or not that Michelle is for Sarah Michelle Gellar. But, really, it would not suck to have a niece named after Buffy. 🙂

Grandma and Grandpa are asleep in my room. Mom and Dad are half-exhausted, half high as kites. Baby’s got one helluva set of lungs (and is already a voracious eater, apparently). Everyone loves the toque. Heh.

And I’m tired and am gonna go bunk down with the cat.

It is a good day.

Cadence Michelle

Cadence Michelle

Cadence Michelle

Cadence Michelle

Cadence Michelle

8 Comments on “Look what you did!”

  1. Hello Cadence,

    Aunt Sherry here. We’ll start you off light, with the OMWF soundtrack, and then progress to kicks and stake-handling.

    (Don’t tell Aunt Melle.)

  2. What’re you talking about? Someone has to handle the voice lessons and Making Weapons from Broken Furniture 101.

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