I’ll bet the pioneers got pissy outside of wifi hotspot areas…

This afternoon I had no interweb. It tanked mid-afternoon, and when I noticed around 4:30, I tried the usual tricks, then called Rogers. Customer service dude confirmed that there were, in fact, two outages (preventative maintenance and a server that pooped the bed — my words, not his) and that I could expect the return of my sweet, sweet bitstream in about three hours. His exact words were: “Give it three hours… actually, give it three hours and ten minutes. And if you still can’t get online then, call us back and we’ll get you hooked up.”

So I ended up with about three pioneer-esque hours to kill. I won’t lie. It wasn’t pretty there for a while. I debated breaking up the furniture to start a fire and roasting Anatole.

Then it occurred to me that that wouldn’t really help me get back to checking up on the antics of lolcats any faster…

So I washed dishes, made fruit salad and potato salad, cleaned the bathroom and the floors, vacuumed the couches, sorted a bunch of mail, and read about the Amish.

Anyway, after I returned home from dinner this evening, the interweb was, indeed, restored. Praise be to the Baby Jesus, and lolcats, and Titus the Rogers Customer Service Rep, who was polite, friendly, told me exactly what I wanted to know, and who made me chuckle because I’m pretty sure he’d smoked a bowl before coming in to work. 🙂

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