Finished King John of Canada, by Scott Gardiner, this morning. All hail Sherry for the finding/recommending of this one, and for the author’s first book as well: The Dominion of Wyley McFadden.

The first book is quirkier than the second, but I liked the second better. It is fantastic. And utterly, perfectly Canadian. The man has an understanding of and affection for Canadian culture, politics, history, and the psyche that is second to none. Good thing he is one of us. 🙂

King John is part socio-political commentary, part cultural satire, part fairy tale, part postmodern utopian “what if?” manual. Long story very short, almost by accident, Canada ends up with its own home-grown monarchy. Nothing short of revolution ensues.

Told in retrospect by the King’s best friend and right-hand-man, Blue, the story unwinds with beautiful pacing, and an ending that will serve as the thumbtack that affixes the story to your brain for some time to come.

As Andrew would say, a triumph.

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