I discovered that I like stats. Not all stats, I suspect, and not just any stats, but stats relating to the functioning of websites and search engines and the people who use them — those I like. Although, after 17.5 hours of analyzing them, I think the stats and I need to Be On A Break. πŸ™‚

My interview this morning went well. The director to whom I’d report wrote two pages of notes, nodded her head at a lot of the things I said, and seemed a bit surprised and impressed and said, “That’s a very good question” at the first question I asked after they were done grilling me. The IT director is, if I’ve pegged him right, totally old skool IT. It’s been a long time since I’ve come across one of those. Fortunately, if he is, I’d be incredibly valuable to him, cuz I don’t think he likes talking to a lot of people, and liaising with people is a lot of what I do.

Anyway, I’ll hear back from them by next Friday, either with The Word or with a status report if they haven’t made a decision yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

Today I sent a guy an email containing only the question: “Did you find your package yet?” Then I snorted and had a good chuckle, because I’m 10. πŸ™‚

He had found it. Whew.

I am drinking a hot chocolate. This is some sort of compromise with my PMS that was ragingly demanding a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard. Except it looked like rain, so I closed the windows and made hot chocolate and toasted an English muffin. We’ll see if that works.

Last evening Dan misunderstood my pizza topping instructions and got me a pizza with two kinds of bacon. When you are PMSing, that is not a bad thing. Then he fed me a chocolate-coated brownie. Dan is a good pirate.

Last night I installed Parallels and XP on my MacBook Pro and heard the Windows boot up music. That was kind of surreal.

Today is my brother’s girlfriend/babymamma’s birthday. w00t!

There are ants in my kitchen. I have not seen them before this morning. This makes me angry (my kitchen is clean). Fortunately, I get perverse joy from laying out that liquid ant poison that draws them like “FREE BEER!” and seeing them arrive, slurp, and leave to DIEDIEDIE!


A lot of WNETers are pregnant. There is a rumour that I had something to do with it. For the record I have no Y chromosomes, nor have I ever performed any miracles (that I know of).

It is very strange to see commercial aircraft flying low over the southerly Kitchenerian region. Even though I know to what airlines they belong and where they’re going.

I have some good lunches with good folks coming up. I am looking forward to them. If you’re good folks and would like to have lunch with me, holla. πŸ™‚

I finally got around to printing this out and tacking it to my corkboard today. Like all of my friends, I have no idea what it’s talking about…

I am going to see Ratatouille on the weekend!

I liked Transformers. I admit it. I’m a sucker for spectacle. And deep, sexy voices. Even if they are coming from CGI robots. πŸ™‚

Every time I heard “Megatron” I thought of Chris Derbecker and Shark Week and giggled. (You had to be there.)

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