Had a phone interview this morning that went very well. A recruiter I actually liked and enjoyed talking to. He seemed to like me, too (candidate-wise), and said more than once he thought I’d be a great fit (promising).

Then he said he’d like to bring me in for an interview. Then he sounded a bit sheepish and asked if I was available… this afternoon. Heh. Sure! I was booked to help Sherry with cleaning/moving stuffs, but I suspect she’d let me out for a bit. šŸ™‚

I did tell him he wasn’t going to be making many friends within the company, booking interviews for 4pm on a Friday in July. He thought that was rather humorous. (Clearly he’s evil. Rawr.)

Anyway, bodes well, and the hiring manager shares my last name (no relation). I am quite looking forward to it. Though given that I’ve been losing weight, my interview pants aren’t going to stay on my hips much longer. Let’s hope the interview process (I have several more booked next week) goes by quickly!

Cross your fingers!

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