Dan suggested getting away and doing something fun today, and we’d initially planned on going to the zoo. However, it was supposed to be stinking hot today, and I know from experience that the animals, on hot days, either hide or don’t move. Plus we’d both been to the zoo, and Dan knows I like taking pictures of plants, so instead we went to the Royal Botanical Gardens down near Hamilton. (Which I didn’t even know existed…)

We didn’t get to all the sections. The place is pretty huge and spread out, and when it wasn’t raining it was pretty muggy. However, we took pictures, we drank tea, we got rained on, we smelled wonderful smells, we picnicked, we got mugged by hungry chipmunks with a taste for baguette. All in all a very nice day.

The Rock Garden was my favourite spot, since I am quite fond of that sort of landscaping/gardening. Plus, it reminded me a bit of the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, where my lovely friend Michelle took me. It’s one of my favourite places in the world, and today also happened to be Michelle’s birthday!

And, of course, if I’m gonna act like a 70-year-old, I’m going to subject you to the photographic evidence.

Dan has a few of his pictures up, too.

Rock Garden, RBG

Lilies at the RBG

web grass, RBG

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  1. I like going to the RBG, but mainly because there’s an 80-year-old foot-long hot dog stand right near them. Ah, Easterbrook’s.

    Yeah, the flowers at the RBG are all right too. Oh, and the onion rings. And milk shakes…

    Glad you had a good time though. It’s a shame that not a lot of people know it’s there. The Rock Garden is really impressive.

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