Not a pretty Barbie

Summary of current damage to my person, as a result of recent mountain biking, apartment moving, housework, and general clumsiness.

  • Bruised chin — not visible, but quite tender if I touch it accidentally. Whacked it on some piece of furniture going down the stairs.
  • Assorted bruises on my arms, including one on my left bicep that’s a fairly livid scrape/bruise. Sources mostly unknown, assumed by coloration to be mostly from biking and moving.
  • Burns on two fingers from ironing the other evening whilst watching House on my laptop.
  • One cut across the cuticle and part of my finger on my left ring finger. I remember doing it, but I can’t remember with what. Happened on the same evening as the burns.
  • Three removed and partially healed hangnails, though I only “manually” removed one.
  • Aches in most major muscle groups, particularly biceps, quads, and… whatever the calf muscle is called.
  • Many, many bruises on my legs, ranging from still red/purple — source: moving, to nicely ageing multicoloured ones from falling off my bike and whacking my legs against the pedals. (I ALWAYS do that.) Of particular note is the livid near-blood blister formation on my left thigh, which I got when the two leaves of the kitchen table separated, then slammed back together, pinching the skin of my leg when I picked up the table to move it. Sunuvabitch that hurt.
  • Quarter-sized round scrape on my right shin from the Most Elegant Accident Ever. I was leaning back on my exercise ball (which I use at the computer instead of a chair), and had my toes hooked under the foot rail of my desk. Except the positioning and mechanics of things wasn’t quite right, and I fell backwards, landed on my back on the floor, scraped my shin on the front drawer of the desk on the way down, sent my flip flop flying across the room (just missed the fish tank), and scared the living shit out of the cat. Hurt in a few other places at the time, but no other lasting damage.
  • Several odd, long, narrow bruises across the insteps of my feets. I presume this is from resting things on them while opening doors and such.

Fortunately, however, my rosasea has calmed down a bit from the flare up last week due to too much time in the sun (despite sun screen slatherings), and my hair is getting long enough to feel like mine again (I have pigtails today!), so all is not lost.

Just don’t ask to see me naked for at least two weeks. 🙂

Update: Moved the rest of the stuff that came down from my parents’ place today. Couch, loveseat, queen-size mattress, box spring (blessedly split), and other, smaller stuff. One of the couch feet came off while we were moving it, so I kinda dropped my end, resulting in an odd bruise on my right wrist that looks exactly like a hickey.

In more interesting news, the nie-phew kicked me in the hand, too. That’s some freaky shit. It was weird to watch. Wee dude was doing the can can or some tae bo in there, I think.

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