Is “dime bag” an appropriate nickname for a baby…?

During dinner this evening, Mom and I were discussing what they plan to have the nie-phew call them, some grandparent terms being better than others. E.g. Nana = fine, Granny != fine.

So we tossed around various options, and then the following exchange occurred:

Mom: What about “Gram”?
Melle: A gram is how you measure cocaine. I don’t think so.
Mom: Does everything always have to be about drugs?
Melle: …?

Andrew’s suggestion when I mentioned the anecdote to him later on was pretty inspired, too. He asked if I was going to teach the kid to call my Dad “Bobby Orr” (there is a fairly strong resemblance). And while I was going to teach the kid to call all males in the family “Bub” (it’s a family nickname that goes back at least five generations, I am not making this up), I agreed that “This is my grandpa, Bobby Orr” would be pretty damned cool. 🙂

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