Kelly is giving me flashbacks.

She recently moved to another city, to be with her love, to pursue The Next Adventure. She’s been there a few days now. Not surprisingly, she’s having a bit of a hard time, and her reactions are making me twitchy. Amazing what the body remembers, years later. It’s like… mourning.

I smile because she’s only a few hours away from here — from “home”. Without intending to sound one-upping, all those reactions take on a side of apocalyptic when you realize you’re literally at the ends of the earth from home, and Google Maps won’t serve up driving directions.

But like any major life event, the scope of someone else’s sturm und drang is irrelevant. Kelly will have her ups and downs, her curses and blessings where she can find them. And they will fill the field of her vision while they are in force, because it is her mind and her soul and her life.

Time, at its own pace, will gradually smooth things out. Breed familiarity and comfort and ease and wonder. But Time has never given a bundled rat’s ass about anyone else’s schedule or priority. Hence why Attendre et Espérer will one day be etched on my skin. One needs reminding of one’s smallness, sometimes.

Doesn’t make it any easier to take, just reinforces that we’re all in this boat. Might as well let go and enjoy the good parts, remember why we’re here.

More than one person has thought I was mad to have gone. Very few people have understood. Even fewer have done it. Most people don’t understand how it can work, or are not in a position to allow it to. And, indeed, it is a rare set of circumstances.

Sometimes it works out. Sometimes not. At some points in life it’s easier. At some points it’s unthinkable. But really, given what’s been done for love in the grand scope of history, it’s really no more than a hop, skip, and a jump, now is it? 🙂

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