As I mentioned last week, I got laid off from my job. However, for someone who considers herself an introvert, it turns out I know a lot of people. Fortunately for me, they all have great skills and experience and like me, too. (And have been very encouraging and helpful – thank you all!)

However, no use having a website if you can’t use it to make the carpet-bombing of your network complete. So, to that end, I have pasted below the content of the email I sent out, just in case someone connected to The Perfect Opportunity happens to see it here.


Hello, network. 🙂

This isn’t just a social call, I’m afraid. Need to talk business a bit.

As some of you know, I was laid off last week. So that means job hunting, and experience has taught me that folks you know are the best resource going.

I would like to ask for your help keeping your eyes and ears open with regards to positions you know/learn about for which I might be a good fit. I’ve included a point-form list below of my skills and experience, and would be happy to pass my resume along. (I’m afraid relocating isn’t an option, however.)

All assistance and encouragement is greatly appreciated, and I hope everyone is doing well. Once I have the luxury of focusing on things that are more fun, I look forward to more socially touching base.

  • Project management (finding out what clients and internal departments need, writing specifications on how software it to be built, communicating between the technical and business staff).
  • Writing/editing (both print and web, also technical, business, and informal).
  • Website development (writing content, testing functions, making sure sites are user-friendly and easy to find by search).
  • Software testing (both web and other applications, also arranging testing by non-technical users, writing testing plans, tracking bugs, and creating reports).
  • Research and competitive analysis.

Some types of job titles/terms that would apply include Business/Systems Analyst, Content Developer, Web Applications Specialist, QA Specialist, Software Tester, Copywriter/Editor, Technical Communicator.

All the best,

Melanie (aka Melle)

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  1. There is a QA position open right now at Equitable, plus a googa of positions related to web this and data that. Our bulletin board has never been so full of postings as right now. Let me know if you want me to hand deliver your resume or pass it on with a note attached.

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