Wherein I reveal myself to be a total weirdo.

But a vindicated weirdo!

Every now and then at work our nursing staff will participate in “Medical Alert” sessions. They’ll present a short lecture and Q&A on a selected topic, anything from medical terminology to first aid techniques. While the quality of the sessions varies wildly, generally they’re quite interesting.

Anyway, this season they’ve changed the format a bit, and the presentations are only going to be placed online — PDFs or PowerPoint presentations. (Oh, how they do love their tacky transitions…)

I printed the first one off the other day, and just got around to reading it now. I learned that “balan/o” refers to the head of the penis. Can you guess where I’m going with this?

Monty Python, of course!

Ever since the first time I heard Monty Python’s Medical Love Song, many moons ago, I’ve been curious as to what some of the conditions sung about actually are. (Told you I was a weirdo.)

So then after reading this Medical Alert presentation, I looked up “balanital chancroids”, and lo and behold: look what I found! (Seriously, read it. It’s hilarious in that way that only the British can be.)

I am so happy. The BBC (and particularly its web presence) really is the most splendid thing ever. 🙂

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