So the kids got a dog. Didn’t even ask their parents first. Sheesh. Kids these days…

They’re freaking out a wee bit, or at least they were. Some good advice and a fair bit of sleep deprivation seems to be calming them down. One’s first dog comes with a bit of a learning curve, though, admittedly, I was lucky. My first dog came at the “Ooh! Doggie!” age, so I never knew that I had no fucking clue. That came about 25 years later…

I admit I find it kinda funny. I’m not a sadist (well, kinda, but that’s irrelevant here), but until I see other people who aren’t utterly used to the presence of dogs, I don’t realize how ingrained in my psyche four-footed friend behaviour is. Hell, when I drop something in the kitchen, I still have to remember that I have to pick it up myself. (Seriously, SO much more convenient to have a furry Shop Vac at your feet at all times.)

I found it funny when Andrew and Paula brought Barney home, too. Granted, given that Andrew set down five rules for what kind of dog Paula could pick out, and Barney didn’t conform to a single one of them, you kinda knew what they were in for. Their reaction to Barney’s first fart still cracks me up. (They went hunting for dog poop, which is a fair enough reaction, given that the beaglet was only 12 weeks old and not housetrained yet.)

The ladies will be fine, as will the dog. As I noted to Rose, even if they screw up, it’s a dog, not a crystal swan. It’s not like they can break her or anything. (Well, they can, but it’s not easy, and for a few gazillion dollars and a neon-coloured cast, pets heal right up.)

I mean, really, we’re talking a species that we domesticated 10-15,000 years ago because they thought we had really nifty garbage. They ain’t hothouse orchids. 🙂 Sure, it’s a rescue dog, and already full-grown, so she’ll have a few quirks, but my impression is that the kids have a few quirks of their own, so I suspect things will work out just fine.

Just, umm… try and keep her away from hobos for a while. Trust me on this one…

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  1. Hahahaaa! We totally should have asked you first. As for the hobos, she loves a good hobo. The closest green space to our house is rife with hobos and she just thinks they’re good for the sniffin’. So long as I can keep her away from their syringes, we should be alright.

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