When the sun came out yesterday (finally), I took a wander around the yard up at my parents’ place.

Photos of flora and things.

It’s strange. Our last dog died about five years ago, and it still doesn’t feel right sometimes that there’s no dog around there. (Well, at least when Jessie-the-neighbour-mutt isn’t visiting.) I offered to pick up a dog or three for them, but my parents declined. Fancy that. I’d take Barney up, since technically beagles are for hunting… but for a scenthound who’s only used to the city, I suspect his head would explode, and he’d take off and we’d never see him again. Gordie, on the other hand, being composed of all shepherds, would probably just herd a thousand bewildered chipmunks into a circle. 🙂

Thanks to the dearth of canine terror, the local wildlife is a lot cheekier these days. On my wander, I startled three rabbits, two chipmunks, any number of birds, and am pretty sure a squirrel threw a pine cone at my head. (There are squirrels up there the size of cats. Freakish beasts…)

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