Tasty vino

Quail’s Gate Gewurztraminer — my brother and his girlfriend brought some of this back from BC for my parents, and we drank a bottle with dinner on Friday.

I tend to be much more of a red drinker, but really, my taste leans towards big reds (mmm… Aussie Shiraz…), which really isn’t something you want to be sucking back when the mercury inches towards 30C.

Lately I’ve been drinking Cave Spring Reisling a fair bit, which is a white I’ve always liked (very cold) in the summer. And the Gewurztraminer (try typing that ten times fast) was really quite nice. I’m sure the degree to which Mom chilled it would give any wine snob the vapours, but who cares, it worked. Crisp, well-rounded flavours, and not too sweet. And it went very well with all the strawberries we gorged on this weekend. Mmm… local…

Of course, in typical competitive style, a search for the Quail’s Gate on the LCBO website yields no results (BC and California might as well not exist as far as the LCBO is concerned, and it’s presumably the same in those regions for Niagara wines, for the most part…)

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  1. The Shiraz need not be forsaken! Take this one down to 16-18 degrees and it’s fiiiiiiine in the heat:

    VINTAGES 22111 $17.95

    Wine, Still Table Wine, Red Still Table Wine
    14.5% Alcohol/Vol.
    Sugar Content : XD

    Made in: South Australia, Australia
    By: Gemtree Vineyards
    Release Date: May 12, 2007

    This vibrant Shiraz won a Gold Medal at the 2006 New Zealand International Wine Show. Packed with blackberries, cassis, coffee and earth flavours, this round and supple wine is medium full-bodied with enough acidity to balance its ripe fruit flavours.

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