She is not allowed to speak anymore.

I stopped by the water place after work to fill up my bottles (is something that big still a bottle? jug?) and in the two minutes I was there, the attendant called me both “chickie” and “honey”. Umm… okay. I guess I’m a regular. She also complimented me on my shirt, and we made wet t-shirt contest/stripper jokes when she accidentally splashed me. (White shirt.) Seriously, when did I become one of those people who talks to people???

Anyway, I drove home, and hoisted one of the bottles out of the car. Then tried to shift it to a more comfortable position so I could lock the car door… and dropped it. Not surprisingly, it cracked open, thus promptly watering the parking lot and the side of my car. Oh, and soaking my face, shirt and jeans.

Stupid saucy, clairvoyant water people…

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