Could someone kindly round up the inventors of RSS and bring them to me so that I may hug them and squeeze them and call them George? Or, y’know, just tongue kiss them and feed them cheesecake. Whatever.

There’s another site for which I write, and because it gets updated less frequently, we’ve been lax on keeping up with things like WordPress versions and backups. And we got hacked. Dana figures it was probably an XSS exploit — a weakness in older versions of WordPress. (Don’t ask me what that means; I don’t know. Go look it up.)

And so out of just shy of two years’ worth of posts, almost 100% of the stuff written prior to March of this year got nuked. Every character deleted and replaced with pharma spam. I think there were two that weren’t. Crap.

And as luck would have it, the server backups (weekly and monthly) had been done very recently, and so backed up the spam. Yay. However, thanks to the wonder of RSS, it was all there. Even the test post I made prior to actually launching the site. Excellent.

It was a crapload of tedious work, but it’s fixed. It’s all back. It’s also upgraded and backed up six ways from Sunday. It was cool in a way to go back and read some of the stuff. There’s some work there I’m quite proud of. There are some hard-earned lessons that I’m glad we’ve been able to share.

And holy crap am I pissed. Some asshole with a few minutes and a bit of code can get into my site and destroy all my work. Fuckers. No different from breaking into my apartment, trashing the place, and spraying graffiti on the walls, far as I’m concerned.

The interweb isn’t always the best neighbourhood… Let that be a lesson to all of us.

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