I don’t get cupcakes.

I know there are certain people of my acquaintance and not of my acquaintance who are devotees of the form, and apparently they’re all the rage in California. (That’s what people get for going apeshit with the No Carbs. Eventually they snap and become sweets whores.) πŸ™‚

But, aside from the fact that cake is good, and frosting is good, and little sprinkles of almost any variety are good, I am ambivalent. They’re messy little things, and almost impossible to break apart into pieces to consume, as I like to do with holdable foods. I guess for some people that’s a draw — the sensuality of getting all smeared with icing. I dunno.

I am pondering this because I bought some yesterday, but before that couldn’t tell you when the last time was I’d had one. The new storefront of The Cake Box in Kitchener apparently has quite good ones, so I stopped in and got half a dozen. And they are good, and pretty (though they can’t hold a candle to to their wedding cakes… oy vey…), but… they’re still cupcakes.

Cookies are still much more fun, and cake, well… cake is just happiness. (I’m a Mennonite, so I wouldn’t cross the street for pie. That’s breakfast, y’all.)

That said, if I ever want a big favour from Ms. Violet (either one!) I’ll utter it with cupcake in hand. πŸ™‚

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