So the plan had been to dine in style with Sherry and Andrew for the celebrating of my birthday. Except then Andrew and Melle got sick. I haven’t lost my ability to taste things, and would have been alright by Saturday, but Andrew was rather sicker, and hasn’t really been able to taste much. And really, if everything’s going to taste like cardboard, there are cheaper cardboards to be had.

And so Birthday Dinner #1 has been rescheduled.

Then Mom told me to pick a place for a family dinner on Sunday. That is to be a combined Father’s Day/Melle’s Birthday Dinner. Problem is, while I’d be like “Sweet, let’s go for Indian”, let’s face it, my family is a bunch of rednecks. Indian? No. Thai? No. Vietnamese? Not so much. And I’ll be damned if I’ll eat Swiss Chalet on my birthday.

So I could book a reservation somewhere I kinda like and that would be acceptable to the family. Or I could book a reservation somewhere my Dad, in his eternal carnivorosity, has wanted to try. And which, I admit, causes in me a certain car wreck (or, more accurately, cardiac wreck) curiosity.

And so Birthday Dinner #2 has been scheduled.

At The Dallas Beef Parlour.


Of course, then June 12th will come, which will apparently shift all my paradigms and make my life truly meaningful, and I’ll forget all about such paltry distractions as “food”.

So, umm… anybody wanna hang out with me on Saturday? Or, like, on my actual birthday…? 🙂

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  1. I might be willing to hang with you more than once for your birthday, cuz I love too 🙂

  2. Well, I do. 🙂 There’s just this pesky little thing called “distance” that puts the giant damper on that plan. But I’ll be thinking of you!

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