Golden Hearth Baking Company

So first a correction — the place isn’t called Aura; that’s the proprietor’s name (lovely woman). Amusingly, the kw.eats member who initially reported it as such arrived at the bakery while I was there and apologized profusely to her. No worries.

It’s located at 343 King Street East in Kitchener, across from the Market, and right at the corner of King and Cedar (on the right if you’re on King heading south). Too bad my brother is moving. Life would not suck living a block away from there. 🙂

The bakery has been quite the talk of the kw.eats list this week. And in true Web 2.0 spirit, Aura chimed in on the list, answering questions, sharing info and whatnot, which is a fabulous way to build brand and word of mouth. Now all we need is an e-newsletter about new products, interesting tidbits from the world of baking, and info about upcoming classes and such (if/when she decides to hold them).

So, the goods. I don’t claim to be a foodie anywhere near on the scale of many of the list members, and I’m fine with that. I also can’t conduct discourse on farm-churned organic butter or wild yeasts (my God, some of those folks are tender and passionate about their yeasts). And yet I manage to sleep well at night. 🙂 The croissants are very tasty, a lovely mix of crisp and buttery, though perhaps a tad rich to eat more than one for breakfast. (I shall consider it a sacrifice in the name of scientific discovery.) The varieties are plain, almond, chocolate, and chocolate almond. So far I think the chocolate is my favourite, with the almond a close second. (If this changes once I’ve eaten them all, I’ll let you know.) I can also report that the croissants go very well with Peet’s coffee, which helps to cleanse an over-buttered palate a bit, too.

I also got a loaf of sourdough, and will report back once I’ve tried it (LOVE sourdough). And of course I had to get a ginger cookie (won’t call it a gingersnap, since it was chewy, which is my preference). Quite tasty, and a nice size (those cake-like monsters the Stone Crock Bakery serves are a bit hefty). My only complaint is that my Mennonite soul requires more molasses for the perfect ginger cookie. (The ginger cookies Grandma made are actually called molasses cookies, though the secret ingredient was always ageing them in Tupperware…)

I will most certainly go back, though I’d definitely recommend going early. The bakery opens at 7am, and by 9-ish, when I got down there, the Market and its accompanying vehicular and pedestrian traffic were in full swing. Perhaps next visit will explore the savoury side of the baked goods spectrum. Stay tuned.

Update: The sourdough is wonderful. Just the right balance of tangy and salty for my taste, good chewiness, and with just a hint of dark honey to it (to me, anyway).

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  1. We are so glad that you enjoyed our products!!

    There are a few new products in development and maybe some change in hours….
    We are also looking into a workshop….

    see you again soon


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