The corporate world seems to be very much in want of people who are hybrids of myself and developers. I.e. they want people who can communicate and liaise very well with all sorts of groups, and they want people who can write (requirements, specs, documentation, etc.). But they want people familiar with any number of programming languages, platforms, etc.

Such an employee makes excellent sense and will essentially perform two jobs in one. Company wins! Of course, there is the small issue that typically developers are developers because they really don’t want to do the communicating and liaising and writing and such. They want to cut code, fiddle with new technologies, and be left alone.

I would love to be that hybrid person. (I’ve tried, repeatedly, didn’t work very well.) I am curious as to what kind of success companies are having finding such folk.

I also suspect, if only one or the other type was available (the Melle type OR the developer type), they’d go with the developer type… and a shoehorn. πŸ™‚ (Ironically, having the Melle type to take care of the developer types leads to happier developers who get to do developer things and get left alone and don’t quit because they’re being asked to do lots of things they don’t like and are being constantly interrupted.)

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  1. I call those people “unicorns”. Unlikely to find in the wild, but that won’t stop us from looking!

  2. Dana:
    I respectfully disagree. You’ll find them in the wild, just not in the traditional salaried corporate environment. So far, most of the people I’ve had the privilege to meet are running their own successful businesses.

    You have it right. If the HR people at the companies were smart they’d hire people with your abilities full time. Then they’d let you develop good working relationships with consultants who can do the technical stuff on a contract basis.

    As I get into the consulting business I’m learning that there’s a whole food chain of companies serving companies serving companies. It’s really interesting and exciting – if not reliable work πŸ˜‰

    I wish you good hunting.

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