While the people at the HRDC are very nice and helpful, and the Service Canada website is pretty good and tries to be as explanatory and user-friendly as possible, for anyone who needs help/services and is not:

a) highly literate
b) highly intelligent
c) a native English speaker

trying to accomplish anything would be a living hell of frustration and confusement…

I consider myself to be all of those things listed above, and man, I cannot imagine having to go through something like immigration or visa applications.

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  1. A number of years ago I focus-tested an HRDC website, which was set up to help people with multiple barriers to employment (language, literacy, education, etc.) access various job applications.

    Right on the first page was a disclaimer that read something very like:

    If you require assistance with this service facility, please consult with the resource individual available through your employment resource centre.

    We all said YOU NEED PLAIN LANGUAGE! But it didn’t change. I’ve forgotten the address now, but I monitored it for several years out of rather morbid curiosity.

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