Something that occurred to me today.

Addictive personalities make people driven. Non-addictive personalities make people hard to motivate.

Exhibit A: my brother. Exhibit B: moi.

Having spent the day together, moving his and his girlfriend’s belongings from one apartment to another (down two flights at the old one, up three at the new one… God help me…), I am more convinced than ever that my brother is not human. The unfortunate timing of the move meant that none of his friends were available to help — all working or away — and his girlfriend can’t help, of course, being seven months pregnant.

And so it was he and I. By the time I met him at the new place, after 9am (he told me to meet him there after he dropped his girlfriend at work), he’d already been up since 5:30 or 6am, had loaded his truck with boxes, driven to the new place, unloaded, gone back to the old place, loaded up the truck again, and met me at the new place where I assisted him in unloading. He refused assistance in moving big tvs and a dresser, claiming it was “easier” with one person, and by the time I left at 4pm-ish, once we’d unloaded the last load from the truck, he was already at work putting the kitchen table together and refusing my offer of showering and whatnot at my place before they headed out to buy blinds and a shower curtain and such.

I, on the other hand, went home, drank about a gallon of water, and sprawled out for a nap.

This is not, however, to imply that I was a big slacker and didn’t pull my weight. Job had to get done and there were only two of us to do it. And so we kept going til it’s done. Period. (Though strangely it’s easier for me to follow through on it when it’s for other people than for myself.) I went up and down those stairs almost as many times as he did, on much shorter legs, I might add, carrying from 20-60lbs or so each time. Fortunately for him, I’m strong like bull, so I’m good for moving large furnishings, too. 🙂 Oh, and there was a delightful exchange where I noted how I’m much better looking than he is, and he noted that he’s way smarter than I am. It was perfect.

I offered to help tomorrow, too, when he retrieves couches and such from my parents’ place, but he said he’s got friends available for that, so I guess I’m free to brunch at Cora’s (aka “Would you like some fruit with your fruit?”) and go see Sicko with Sherry. I expect to be blissfully fulfilled and enraged… hopefully in that order…


I have managed to read me some books recently, though surprisingly not as many as you’d think, given all the free time I’m supposed to have. Anyway, I try to do book reviews, and then I sort of meander off into my own thoughts. You have been warned. 🙂

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In good standing.

In the last two weeks, I have received three separate “You have been pre-selected” offers for… new high-limit credit cards.

Is there any wonder pretty much every culture ever has had a trickster deity in their pantheon? 🙂

Perspective shift

I woke up this morning feeling different. I resolved yesterday to stop my schedule “slippage”, wherein I go to bed after 1am and get up towards 10am. Yes, it’s the scheduled I’m naturally inclined towards, but I don’t want it to be something I get used to and have to break out of when I go back to work (which, obviously, I’m hoping is asap). Plus, it feels… slacker-y, which bothers me. I have enough external reminders of my current status without providing myself with new internal ones.

That said, when Anatole climbed into bed and sprawled the length of my torso this morning, it seemed to be an important message that snuggle time was necessary, too. So we didn’t quite get up by 8am, but that was okay.

Anyway, from the time I got up, something felt off. My cadence of the last week, my ever-present and protean to-do list, felt stalled. I felt like I should be doing more, should have more to do. No one’s going to fix this pickle but you, m’dear…

Inevitable, really. I’ve been getting a lot done, all things considered. Searching for positions, working the network, asking questions, dealing with contacting issues, and trying to keep on top of housework and getting books read and back to the library and remembering to eat and all that. But busy as I’ve been, none of those things has resulted in a job yet, and while I know it hasn’t even been two weeks, any length of time is too long.

I’ve had a handful of setbacks, too, and it’s hard when your needed momentum takes a hit. Hard, too, when you don’t have a schedule — working within other people’s schedules is necessary, but frustrating.

Indecision set in, too. Would I do some ironing? Read some more of my book? Go for a run? The weather today is stunning, which made the decision even harder. Except towards noon, “feeling different” started to take a distinct down turn. Desperate times call for forcing one’s ass into gear, and, in this case, changing it up entirely.

So I showered, slathered on the sunscreen, and headed to the Humane Society. When you get thrown off track focusing on yourself… fuck it… go do something that isn’t about you.

And so I acquainted myself with Elvis, Oso, Jack, and Ralph. (The middle two of whom can be seen here, though that page needs updating. No Basset Hounds or St. Bernards to be had at the moment.) We walked, ran, sniffed and marked a good chunk of the Grand River Trail (I left the marking to the gents…) It helped. I got sweaty and slobbered on and forgot about marketable skills and bank balances for a while.

I’ll be helping my brother move this weekend, which should also provide good distraction and wear me out. Plus, being with him helps put things into perspective, too. He’s been in much worse job situations than I have. He knows there are jobs out there, and something will always come along, because it always has. Hell, he has so much energy and charisma that you can’t help but end up sucked into his sphere. And when you’ve spent too much time alone with the cat for a while, it’s probably just what the doctor ordered.


This is a picture I did not take of a swarm of blue and gold dragonflies, flitting across sun-dappled sections of a trail through the bush, and scattering like sparks when interrupted by a fat, snuffling beagle.


I was up at the liberry earlier, dropping off books, and decided to have a look at the photo display that resulted from Waterloo’s recent 150th birthday celebrations.

There were photos from the festivities, from around town, and photos that interpreted what Waterloo represents to various folks.

What made me smile is that I have taken shots of many of the views/sites/sights/wildlife/buildings/etc. that were on display. What made me flat-out grin is that I have taken nearly identical shots to many of the winning photos that were on display from the children’s photo contest. 🙂

Kind of a good compliment to me, too, really. There are some damned fine mini-photogs out there. Seriously, check out the winning photo in the age 6-9 category.

If only there’d been digital photography when I was 6!