Proof that the Baby Jesus loves me.

It mitigates the pain of getting up at 5:30am when you bite into a City Cafe Bakery brownie that’s still warm and leaves a happy melted chocolate mess all over your hands.


Also, my car didn’t make me high this morning. And Jim B might yet bring us a hockey team. (Hamilton! Hammer!)

More also, this lady has a new shop on King St. in downtown Kitchener. I suspect her cupcakes will be too beautiful to gaze upon with the naked eye. Seriously, I would get married just to be able to order one of her cakes.

And according to the kw.eats group, there’s another new bakery farther down, across from the Kitchener Market, called Aura, though I don’t know anything else about it yet.

Oh, and on the 27th (that’s Sunday), where’s a whole pile of fun going on around town to mark Waterloo’s 150th birthday. (Tagline: “We’re a more intelligent community than you. Nyah! Have some cake!”) Much to see and do. C’mon out!

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