Praise the Lawd, I am healed!

So a week or so ago, it occurred to me whilst out for coffee that — holy cats! — it was The First Week of May. You see, for a few years there, The First Week of May was a most unpleasant time, and the other Divas and I would get a little twitchy. The spidey senses would go on high alert, paranoia would get cranked up to 11. It was not a good time to call last-minute meetings for which no agenda had been sent out, is what I’m sayin’.

Except then it occurred to me the other week that… huh, The First Week of May was almost over, and it hadn’t even registered. Delightful. I’m a normal girl again… or something.

And when I mentioned it to Sherry, I had to explain what I was talking about. It hadn’t registered with her, either. Huh. Although really, amongst the Divas, there’ve been enough work turmoils, new jobs, new cars, new houses, and other excitement that The First Week of May would be the least of anyone’s concerns.

Of course, then I take the afternoon off yesterday and return to work this morning to see an HR announcement that four people left the company yesterday, including one of our execs and two long-timers. 🙂

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  1. I didn’t notice either. But now that the re-orgs are en route… all seems right in the world again. *twitch* *twitch*

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