“My face! My valuable face!”

Weather’s nice, time to get out the summer wardrobe. (Where did my t-shirts go? Seriously, how do I only currently have one marginally decent t-shirt?) This, of course, involves digging out big Rubbermaid tote bins. (I was SMRT and packed the off-season clothes in those when I moved — more structural integrity and environmental protection than cardboard.)

Except then last night when I was moving one off my bed, the lid fell and whacked me in the face. Took a nice divot out of the bridge of my nose. Man, getting whacked there will seriously stun you. Anyway, nice flap of skin came off, some blood, and now I have a wound right where my glasses sit. Splendid. I tried to take a picture while it was still nice and gory, but could only manage overexposed, underexposed, and way off-center. Clearly my photographic talents are better served capturing flora… (Plus, much like blogging about cats, on the interweb it’s only de rigeuer to post photos of ass injuries. Noses are too 1.0… or something.)

It had better not scar. (Aloe and Vitamin E are being used.) I’m no supermodel, and I may not have a perfect Andrew button nose, but I do have SOME vanity. 🙂

In better news, the coffee date I had preceding this adventure was quite enjoyable (even if the server had serious issues understanding “put in blender” vs. “do not put in blender”). And hey, we managed to work in discussions of sex, religion, politics, AND money. w00t. (I had to remember that strangers, by definition, don’t know you, and thus not to take it personally when asked questions like whether I know what “maven” means. Sheesh…)

I have to admit, though, people who don’t have blue eyes are kinda disappointing… No, I don’t count. I’m awesome. 🙂

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